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Celebrating the 55th Anniversary of the Carrera Carrera Collection TAG Heuer opens the Museum in Motion exhibition with numerous antique watches

[Watch House Brand Event] In 2018, it is the 55th anniversary of the famous Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer Carrera. The brand started on the morning of April 26 this year, and opened a two-week Museum in Motion tour in the boutique of Oriental Xintiandi in Oriental Plaza, Beijing. It is worth mentioning that in this tour, TAG Heuer not only brought the rare watches hidden in the brand La Chaux Defeng Museum to the majority of the watchmakers, but also the personal treasures of some collectors. Interested in this, then take advantage of this opportunity, go and watch. (The exhibition time of Beijing Railway Station will be from April 26th to May 10th. The tour will be departed from Beijing, passing through Xi’an and finally landing in Shanghai.)

Beijing Oriental Xintiandi is located in the Oriental Plaza, one of Asia’s largest integrated commercial buildings, adjacent to the well-known Jinjie, Wangfujing Commercial Street, Yinjie and Dongdan Commercial Street. Mainly engaged in leisure brands and jewelry, including colorful Xintiandi, urban Xintiandi, Tingyuan Xintiandi, Haoyu Xintiandi, Vibrant Xintiandi, Zuncui Time Pavilion and Sky Avenue 7 theme shopping areas, different product positioning and unique decorative styles , attracting the attention of various consumer layers. The Beijing station of the tour will be located in the TAG Heuer boutique inside the Oriental Xintiandi in Beijing. In the leisure time of shopping, strolling through the time corridor created by TAG Heuer, you can taste the classic charm and watch the precious watches. For the watch lovers, it is also a way to understand the TAG Heuer’s heritage timepiece and know the brand. A great opportunity for history.

List of some historical watches

Carrera Collection

Manual winding chronograph with Vajoux 72 movement. The chronograph discs specially designed to record the departure of the rowing boat are blue. (1964)

The self-winding chronograph and the Calibre 12 movement in the protective case are modified from the famous Calibre 11 movement technology. (1969)

Autavia Collection

The blue highlight of the watch is called “The Color of West Felt” to commemorate the TAG Heuer brand ambassador and Swiss racer Joe Sifelt. Self-winding chronograph with rotating bezel and Calibre 11 movement.

The watch is called “The Viceroy”. The red pointer on the black dial is particularly eye-catching. The watch is sold through a special promotion of Viceroy advertising. Self-winding chronograph with rotating bezel with Calibre 12 movement. (1972)

Monaco series

This revolutionary Monaco watch features the world’s first self-winding chronograph movement – the Calibre 11 with a mini oscillating weight and the first chronograph with a square case. In the 1971 film “Le Mens”, the watch was worn by the Hollywood superstar Steve McQueen, which became the iconic watch. The self-winding chronograph is equipped with the Calibre 15 calibre and is a simplified version of the famous Calibre 11 calibre. (1972)

The exhibits are mostly models related to motorsport events, in line with Carrera’s Carrera theme, like Carrera, born in 1969, commemorating the TAG Heuer brand ambassador, Swiss racer Joe Seefeldt The Autavia is equipped with the world’s first self-winding chronograph movement, the Calibre 11 Monaco watch with a mini oscillating weight, and the first antique timepieces such as the chronograph watch with a square case. The Carrera, Autavia, Monaco, Silverstone, S/EL & Link collections and other models are on the tour.

Dual second hand stopwatch with precision to 1/50 second, belonging to the Carrera Mikrograph Chronograph Series (1916)
Summary: Despite the circumstance of time, the classic timepiece always shines with the unique charm of the time, showing the richness of that era, impressive. As a celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Carrera Carrera series, it is also an opportunity to learn about the TAG Heuer brand, which recognizes the importance of TAG Heuer in the field of racing. If you happen to wander around during the show or like a watch with an antique watch, you can go in and have a look. (Figure / text watch home Shi Jinan)

Antique watch collectors’ favorites

Antique clocks

Antique clocks and watches have always been one of the favorites of collectors at home and abroad. As the collection heat up, the antique watch collection has a great potential of appreciation, people pay attention to.

At present, the Palace Museum has more than one thousand pieces of clocks and watches left over from the qing palace, most of which were made in the building offices of the dynasties after qianlong, guangzhou and suzhou. There are also a large number of countries from the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland through the guangdong customs procurement, some foreign envoys also take clocks as tribute.

There are many kinds of antique clocks and watches. The most valuable ones are antique clocks and watches. The longer it is, the more it will attract people’s enthusiasm for preservation. Rare old watches, pocket watches, watches appreciate quickly and are worth collecting.

This great invention of ancient China is of great significance in the history of world clocks. Therefore, the famous watch master, the antique watch collector, and the clock historian Mr. Yao dayu initiated and put forward the view that “the Chinese started the history of the clock — the clock is one of the five great inventions of ancient China”.

At the beginning of the 14th century, Italy and Britain were located in Europe. Mechanical clocks appeared in churches and other buildings in France and other countries. Because the operation of clocks requires a continuous power source, the method adopted at that time was to use ropes to hang heavy objects and use gravity generated by gravity to drive a series of mechanisms.

Clocks are a kind of chronometer. As early as the second half of the 15th century, records about watches have appeared in Italy, mainly because the invention of clockwork played a key role.

After the middle of the 16th century, with the appearance of metal cycloidal wheel, it gradually replaced the earlier pendulum rod on the machine shaft as a speed regulating device. Therefore, in the early watches made in the 17th century, we can see the rotating cycloidal device in the machine core.

The 18th century was the golden age for the development of pocket watches. In the United Kingdom, JohnHarrison made a series of navigational precision timepieces, bringing the accuracy of the pocket watch to a high level. Due to the greatly improved accuracy, the pocket watch of this period has already used the second hand.

Nowadays, clocks have become a part of our life, and antique watches are more popular among collectors. Now, the value of antique clocks is much higher than before.

China’s first cross-border auction platform – auction network


If you really want to collect antique watches, get started

Although the accessory that suits broad male compatriots now more and more, but besides li lianjie’s so big wrist son and individual show business personnel, still rare at first blush the courage son hangs a string of 18 big king kong to open a company annual meeting. The boss waved to reveal the low-key luxury patek philippe, the department manager frequently raised the cup as if to show the golden light shining rolex, you roll the sleeves ivory hornbill horn top red… It doesn’t match…

Go home and check the price on the Internet. Rolex prowler, $105,000. Jiangshidandon is 361,000 meters across the world. Abby royal oak, $279,000. Senator gerasotti, $81,000. Popper villeret, $223,000. Homage to langerhans, 3950000. Two or three months ‘wages for the quartz – chip longines… It’s no longer a matter of feeling the best in a moment… Is it still alive?

Therefore, more and more people choose antique watches with high cost performance, which not only save a lot of money but also have style. Today I will give you a brief introduction to antique watches.

First, buy. Brand is a topic that people care most about, and it is also the most important factor that affects the value of antique watches. Special of each country to watch, wait, wait the second classification is slightly different, but no matter what classification, vacheron constantin, patek philippe and Abby, are special on top of the table top three position, so the three tables of preservation efforts is also very high, some special version or classic even appreciation trend year after year.

Besides, rolex, which was played down by the local rich in the early years, is also one of the top brands in the preservation list. In the past, a rolex for tuhao did not mean that this brand is not tasteless. On the contrary, it is the watch that is most easy to sell at the auction of second-hand shops in pawnshops in various countries and the watch that is least vulnerable to depreciation.

In addition, the cost performance is high, and the price is relatively easy to accept is some of the first class or second class old watches, such as the king of the 1940s and 1970s, ji jia, count, wan guo, and the omega produced from the 1960s to 2000 or so.

And the style. The diameter of the antique watch dial is generally small, and the male watch dial in the 1920s and 1950s is mainly 28mm-34mm, because in the decades before the watch just appeared, people preferred the small watch to distinguish it from the pocket watch that had been popular for hundreds of years. After the 1950s, men’s watch dial began to have 36mm or even 38mm “full size” style. As for the big dial over 40, you won’t see it until the 1990s. In my opinion, the 34-to-38 men’s formal gold watch is the best choice for a shirt and suit. For daily leisure, they can choose the large dial diving watch and space watch produced in the 1990s.

In addition, when purchasing antique watches, it is necessary to check whether there are “three signatures” on the watch, that is, whether there are original factory marks on the dial, back cover and machine core. In addition, see whether the style series of this watch is consistent with the production age. And finally… The core is more complicated to say… It is recommended that you find music channel to buy.

The maintenance of antique watches is also a topic of great concern. For mechanical watches, the early 1900 or even earlier pocket watches had been made of synthetic rubies of a hardness of 9 that we will not see in our lifetime. But antique watches made before the 1990s are not waterproof because they cannot be sealed. It’s ok to have a rain or something like that. A sauna can be quite choking. Also because of its sealing problem, if it is necessary to open the back cover, as far as possible professional watch repair people are present. At the same time, because the original brand watch is relatively few in China, so it is better to find a reliable watch repairer for the repair and maintenance of antique watch. Otherwise, it is better to take apart a few parts and save a new watch and sell it to others.

Finally, comrades wearing vintage watches try not to drink too much… Why is that? A dear client of mine broke a 1900 gold rolex watch watch case with eight edges in a drunken skid… I’m not particularly willing to talk to him now. But for those of you who are usually messy, like me… The old military watch is absolutely the only choice.


Watch lovers feast with vintage watches

Mirror pocket watch “farewell to love”. Made in Switzerland. Core Numbers: 1829 and 1830, left watch case number: 5219, made by the famous watchmaker Freres Oltramare, right pocket watch number: 5220. Made for the Chinese market around 1830. This pair of pocket watches for 18K gold, pearl inlay

The world’s top watch auction preview 2009 (Beijing) tour, jointly organized by China’s top watch magazine fashion time and Swiss auction company andi gulen, was successfully held. The exhibition is Asia’s largest watch auction preview, attracting hundreds of watch lovers and industry participants. This is the first time to hold the highest specification, the largest scale clock auction exhibition.

On June 27, the auction of watches, pocket watches and clocks held by famous collectors included 478 items, including a series of exquisite clocks and watches made by famous watchmakers around the world. Nearly 200 items on display at the preview include watches, pocket watches and clocks of great collection and historical value, including the ancient enamel pocket watches made for the Chinese market, the old three-question pocket watches, antique watches and European antique clocks. Including patek philippe, breguet, rolex, Cartier, panahai, jiang shi-dan and other top watch brands. The exhibition is the first of its kind in Asia.

Guests can appreciate the items at close range

At the preview site, guests can appreciate the works at close range and try on the watch styles they are interested in. Meanwhile, Mr. Etienne Lemenager, an internationally renowned watch expert from antigurion auctions, commented on the scene.

As a key item in the Hong Kong auction, ten priceless watches are displayed separately in a special exhibition area. One of the highest value of a Franck Muller “size since the sound time ─ ─ Calendar (Grande and Petite Sonnerie, Minute Repeater, Perpetual Calendar)”, valued at 2500000 Hong Kong dollars. This is a very rare and extremely delicate platinum watch with diamond inlay and a calendar, time equation, moon phase and 24-hour display.

Horological Machine No. 1

“Horological Machine No.1”, No. 15, is one of the limited edition watches made by brand Maximilian Busser & Friends in 2006. This 18K rose gold wrist watch has a large and figure-eight case with a clearly visible one-minute tourniquet adjuster.

Auction valuation: HKD 400,000-550,000

“Swan pool” – with five automatic functions of 18K gold pocket watches, considered to be the masterpiece of Francois Achard, made in Geneva around 1795.

Auction valuation: HKD 270,000-330,000

Rolex Comex SeaDweller of DavidLeach, no. 1665, professional diver wrist watch made in 1980

Auction valuation: HKD 400,000-600,000

Constantan platinum, sapphire and diamond wrist watches, made in 1923. This very fine and rare sapphire and diamond platinum lady watch is equipped with a platinum band with sapphire and diamond safety clasps.

Auction valuation: HKD 55000-85000


A rolex costs $100 million! ? It turns out that antique watches are so popular now!

In 2017, antique watches, led by antique Lao, will continue to be popular. At the end of 2016, I can only say that “in terms of the popularity of the market, the antique shop has surpassed the antique PP”, which may not be accepted by many people at that time. By the second half of 2017, it should be clear that antique Lao yi is ahead of the pack. In a good situation, in October PNPN sold 17 million us dollars, breaking the previous record of PP patek philippe 1518 steel, which made the world fully appreciate the antique work.

The popularity of antique shop, in the past year still led by antique di. PN continued to surge, and as expected, non-pn “normal” models also rose. In just a few years, the market for all antiques has almost doubled, or more. After PNPN auction, this wave of market continued. Today, a 6263PN panda can easily cost more than an PP 2499 third/fourth generation, which was once unthinkable.

I think it’s quite possible, and it’s going to be hard to imagine in the near future, because it’s really unreasonable. I love antiques as much as I like to see them continue to grow, but I still want rationality. Even if a heavyweight and watch classic brand, production theory only a grade, function, movement and even potential fraud risk brings negative points, I don’t think that the pn 6263 common market could easily surpass 2499.

At a Christie’s auction in New York in December, 6263PN’s black-faced RCO sold for $1,092,500, almost double the $672,500 of the first generation gold at the last auction of $2499. It needs to be pointed out that the 2499 disk face is damaged, and the watch case is obviously polished, so the price is low, which I think is seriously low.

6263PN black-faced RCO and 2499 first-generation gold

I like PN, although PN is not my favorite time meter, but I like it very much. In many styles of ditonnah, PN is also a group that I really like, just because it’s too expensive, so I haven’t bought it. Now it looks increasingly unaffordable. If possible still want to buy, had better still more than one, because play PN had better be piled up — original PN design and color and yield are not small, should be this play method.

When it comes to production, antique di tong take, including the PN is not less (since 6239, the total output of dampened, di, tens of thousands of PN how also thousands of), but because to play more, demand is big, so has been in more than 20 years line can maintain a relatively high price (this is crazy, of course) for two years. However, after all, the output is not small (and not to mention the passive and questionable antique di, especially PN). So, in healthy and normal markets, it’s either partially down, or it’s all up together. Otherwise, the free market is in operation, such a unique talent is doomed to not last long. Feng shui always turns around. Look back a few years.


As for some of the exorbitant prices that are supposed to satisfy flaunt wealth’s psychology and present representatives, no matter how exclusive the high-tech, I still don’t like it. Not a crash in the short term, but a decade and 20 years later? Let’s just say that today’s high-tech, what technology will it be? You don’t have to look at it vertically, but when you look at it horizontally, compared to some other industries, the high technology of the watch industry is probably a minor thing, not really high technology. If nothing else, look back at the microelectronics of ten or twenty years ago. These days, mechanical watches aren’t such a wonderful thing, unless they’re artificial. Of course, there are new ideas to play with ready-made new technologies and materials. Fun should be fun. Well, I’ve held this view for years at a time, at least, and ten years have passed, so the biggest possibility is that I’ve got it wrong.

One of the great benefits of an antique shop is that there are so many beautiful and durable watches (durability = durability and durability), some of them for play. In my opinion, this point of PP is not as good as — the classic durable watch style of antique PP is not much, actually — the form in everyone’s eyes is different, here is not a detailed watch. The main thing I want to talk about here is that when antiques go up, they don’t stop for a while, because there are so many good watches.

In general, the clock and watch collectors values are right, namely the value is higher than generally antique carved (20 years ago when I still didn’t understand table seems not so common values. When it comes to value theory, compare art, porcelain, sports cars and other collectibles. On the other hand, the collection of preferences or fashion will eventually change. Ten years ago, for example, Comex was in the ascendant. Now it’s much darker than the rest of the antique shop (and I’m still bullish). Today, it is generally low. But I believe it won’t last long. Now some of the best products should come back. So, I think it’s actually a good time to buy a cash representative (and some of the classic pieces of antique formal wear that were significantly cheaper at the time).

Now, of course, the present situation is not a comprehensive one, except that in the past two years, 5% of the total output has been publicly and privately changed. I’m still optimistic. There are always some of the most outstanding representatives of any age. The Simplicity is the Iconic form of our times. As long as so many PN (though not the most common PN variety) were $450, 000 at will, there was no reason in the Simplicity of keeping prices above $200, 000 or higher.

In comparison with the Simplicity of some of today’s ultra-hot (and I love it) antiques, the Simplicity is much better in at least two respects. First of all, you can’t fake it and assemble it. Second, the product and the core are absolutely beautiful. In terms of scarcity, that people no I have this item, so to speak, nearly 30 years, at any time on the market have the PN and huge (except for rare style), of course, but Simplicity is not want to buy can buy at any time (say any Simplicity style rare, in fact this is directly reflected in market prices), even in a small table at the moment the main withstand the lure of money and have cashed out, ha ha.

When it comes to the mixed authenticity of antique watches, this has always been a real problem. However, in recent years, the market of antique watches has been very good. Late last year I wrote this review, in the market of more hot today have bigger I think its real meaning, ha ha: “thanks to the network developed, now you can see many online should be very rare breed, see more, it seems that these tables are unassailable. Not really. Chances are, some of the watches you see and admire over and over again are problematic.


Sooner or later, collectors, especially the new generation of wealthy young collectors, will realise this. At that time, the original very dazzling rare money, became to always explain to others innocent doubt money, that kind of feeling is not very good. For example, in the case of the full red needle in the blue circle of 1675, I believe most of them are problematic or at least assembled. I do know that my own one was not made in the last two years or so, but mixed with so many red needles on the market, I no longer have the same dazzling feeling.

Conclusion: after a few years antique table, we have put the past hundred years many watch both deep and wide in their hearts turned round (as usual, here I only talk about watch, don’t talk about pocket watch and clock). We’ve really broadened our horizons and become more aware of what’s good in the world and what we like. In 2018, as you continue to expand or streamline your personal collection, play with greater ease. I wish to share this with you.


The central plains think tank organized experts and scholars to conduct research in zhengzhou antique city

Original title: the central plains think tank organized experts and scholars to zhengzhou antique city research

On May 27, 2018, the central plains, manager, director of the think-tank Chen Sihua organizing experts and scholars come to zhengzhou curio city investigation research, on how to further promote the great development of cultural industry in henan province boom dialogue, and advice are put forward.

According to the plan, the first station of research of zhongyuan think tank is zhengzhou antique city. Chen sihua, director of the central plains think tank and director of the central plains institute of cultural and creative research. Liu xiangting, deputy director of the central plains think tank and former deputy inspector of the general office of the provincial party committee; Chen changxi, executive director of the pension culture research center of the central plains think tank and former director of the fire control training center of the ministry of public security. Li junjie, a researcher from the central plains think tank, vice President of the modern education research institute of Hong Kong and vice dean of the institute of system management, Hong Kong polytechnic university; Yang shijun, a researcher from the central plains think tank, former deputy secretary of the party group of the Tibet autonomous region federation of culture and the standing vice chairman of the party group; Wang bahai, a researcher from the central plains think tank and former President of the Tibetan academy of agricultural sciences, was nominated by the state. Ren xinjian, deputy director of the One Belt And One Road culture research center of the central plains think tank and deputy director of the henan branch office of People’s Daily. Zhang shengwu, an expert on ancient architecture and director of the center for the study of ancient culture of the central plains think tank. Li lianhua, a researcher at zhongyuan think tank and general manager of zhengzhou antique city group; Li ke, a researcher from the central plains think tank and deputy secretary-general of the central plains think tank, participated in the survey.

Twelve of the all-china federation of industry commissioner, complete linkage folk cultural relic artwork chamber of commerce, zhengzhou curio city group chairman jiming jiang you accompanied by experts and scholars visited the antique city of zhengzhou are held in gandhara art, and antique city group strategic planning. Then, in a small seminar, jiming jiang President to introduce you to the development of the cultural art market in henan province, and zhengzhou curio city year work, report to the enterprise for the future development ideas. Your scholars have fully affirmed the work of the chamber of commerce and the ancient game city, and made Suggestions on how to further promote the great development and prosperity of the cultural industry in henan province.

Learned, zhengzhou curio city was founded in 1997, is the first in henan province approved by the government departments of cultural relics market supervision items, zhongyuan, a think-tank, the cultural industry research base, cultural industry demonstration base in henan province, henan province hundred private enterprises, cultural industry demonstration projects in henan province, henan province tourist attractions, excellent cultural enterprises, zhengzhou city, in 2004 was rated as the second largest antique handicraft market. In 2013, the group was established with five subsidiaries, covering two major cultural and art markets: zhengzhou antique city and garden tea city. The total assets of the enterprise are 600 million yuan, with a construction area of 139,000 square meters and more than 10,000 employees. Zhengzhou antique city is not only a cultural tourism square, but also a folk museum. It is an outstanding representative and leading unit of cultural industry in central China and even the whole country.


How much do you know about the story of collecting antiques?

In the world of collecting, there are many myths and stories about collecting leaks. Of every ten people has a digital display, at present there is a collector, together with all kinds of the hit show, antique market is showing “the collection” era of hot scenes. So is there really anything missing from the antiques market? How can ability practice a pair of “fire eye gold eyeball”, collect the collection that oneself admire in the heart of one’s heart?

The story of the leak was uncovered

Story one: a few years ago, when a street was widened and rebuilt, the foundation was dug up. Once, a migrant worker dug up a plum vase from a yaozhou kiln and sold it for 15 yuan to a “leak-finder” on the construction site. The vase was later sold to an antique dealer for more than 700,000 yuan. Similar to now a lot of stores put in the yao zhou porcelain at that time dig out not more than 100 pieces, mostly sold with the price of several hundred yuan, now each value in the tens of thousands yuan above.

Story 2: at a construction site, a migrant worker dug out a lot of jade and porcelain. A antiques trade routes through site, the migrant workers take out from under the bed of a Ming dynasty blue and white big pot, said to him, this thing I was useless, you give me to buy two boxes of cigarettes will give you, this man will return with two boxes of cigarettes in the jug. Later, ten thousand yuan was sold to an antique dealer. The antique dealer asked the experts to identify it.

Story 3: there are three teachers and students, and they make an appointment to visit the antique market in other places. In one shop, a pair of tang dynasty gilt gold, pearl shop bottom, flower shape is a pair of yuanyang, kanzi above the soil or wet. The three teachers and students said jokingly that it was still steaming. The owner asked for 1,200 yuan, which he later bargained for, and bought back 1,000 yuan, which experts said was worth 780,000 yuan for the kanzi market.

A good eye makes a good eye

Mr. Wang, a collection expert, began with a few stories about collecting leaks. Speaking of collecting leaks, he said that at present in the antiques market, including antique shops, auction houses, as long as the eye in place, there are still leakage to pick up. Antique shop now emerge in endlessly, but most of the antique shop open about their goods are sciolistic, do not fully understand the art of true and false, s and real value, have eyesight collector or leakage can be found. A lot of people can’t find the leak because they don’t have enough knowledge and reserves. Even if they put the real goods in front of their eyes, they will be useless if they don’t know the goods. Appraisal is more of a comprehensive discipline, a person only after more than ten years or even decades of practice, only qualified to talk about collecting leaks. Follow the book to pick up the leak, you will be sure to be cheated. Of course, you have to be knowledgeable to pick up the leak. I have seen a lot of genuine goods, and the charm of antiques is well known in my heart. That familiar feeling is not something that can be made by deception. For example, Mr. Li, a collector, once found a collection in an antique market shaped like a pen holder, about 20 centimeters high and 78 centimeters in diameter, with two eyes on it. At that time, the seller asked for 200 yuan.When he was about to buy it, his friend told him what to do with it. In fact, they do not know the goods, this is a han dynasty yellow glazed pottery water timing, is used to measure the time tool. This type of equipment is especially rare. He often goes to museums and antique markets to study it. So he decided to buy it. The collection is now estimated to be worth more than 10,000 yuan. Again, the best way to pick up the leak is to find a cold collection. “I think there is still a leak to be found in the collection now. First of all, we should aim at the cold-blooded collection that others don’t care much about.” Mr. Lei, the collector, confessed that he had gone to the antiques market a while ago and collected four stamps. These seals are not generally cared about, but people who know how to read them know that they are well carved and of good quality. Without this appreciation knowledge, he would have missed the seals. There is an old saying: 360 lines, antique is king. The field of antiques is very complicated and risky. Some people are easy to be caught by others because they know little about it. There is no short cut to collect, and knowledge is wealth. To pick up a leak is to pick up a leak from a man who has knowledge and vision.

It’s a trap to pick up the leak

There are few cheap leaks to pick up in the antique market nowadays. This is very simple, if someone tells you there is a leak to pick up, how come they don’t pick it up themselves, this is a trap in itself. For example, Mr. Li said that he had a friend who liked to collect, and he put a collection in an antique shop. Li si wants to buy this collection, look for a to appraise, a bite determines this collection is true, can be worth 5,000 yuan. After you come back so he bought, buy some people say that the collection is wrong, he bought so, li si run to the store to return, the shopkeeper said, is someone else with the shop sell, he can only find the owner of the collection. At this time, li si just knew, the collection is a, he bought when looking for the appraiser is also a. Of course, don’t listen to stories.Collector says, make up the story is the old trick vendors of cultural relics, the stories are often looks simple and honest honest, said the story makes a person enchanted unceasingly, impatient of collectors is just to the somebody else already set traps. Collect even to have peaceful state of mind. As long as oneself like, no matter be true false, what age, even if be contemporary handicraft, buy to play, edify a few sentiment also very good. Never hold the mentality of catching a big leak and getting rich overnight, such people will often be cheated. Mr. Lei said that he once found an eight-foot diagonal piece of the stone charter at the antiques market. The writer asked for 400 yuan, and he gave 600 yuan. Come back and mount it. It’s very atmospheric and beautiful. His collection also has a pair of stone lions, was accidentally picked up in the countryside, there used to be the boss want to use a Mercedes 500, and he, he politely refused, he is a collection research, appreciation and play, don’t care about how much things cost.

There are tips for identifying the authenticity of a collection

To identify a collection, make friends with it. Specific should accomplish the following points: 1, see more. Look at the real thing and take any chance to see the real thing. For example, there are two pieces of gold and jade on the road, 95 percent of people will definitely take away the gold, while 5 percent of people know the jade, and know that the value of jade is much higher than gold, and knowledge is wealth. Ask questions. Consult experts, experts, and enrich your professional knowledge to improve your eyesight. Run more. It is not advisable to sit at home and collect books. It is far from advisable to go to the market and the museum to see the real things so as to improve the level of identification. Mr. Li, the collector, said he often went to the museum to study, and when he came across the genuine article in the market, he could recognize it at a glance, giving him the opportunity to pick up the leak. Now, the identification of antiques,Use the negative method instead of the previous one. Mr. Li said his trick was a one-vote veto: several features of the collection were rejected if anything was wrong. That law is not enough insurance, if to identify a collection according to its characteristics of six aspects, experts have a look, in five aspects, has a characteristic is wrong, always think that should be no big problem, actually often cheated.

In the world of antiques, some babies don’t have to be willing to give you a hand to see it. The traditional 72 lines, the antique is big, because all people in the antique travel can reflect real equality. In the past, qianlong was not afraid of anything else, but he was afraid of antiques experts. It means that the real experts will not put anyone in the eye, no matter who you are, what you admire is only youdao’s eye power.Antique line there are many rules or habits, and all previous dynasties antique dealers and collectors are formed by summing up experience and lessons to this generally has the following circumstances: 1, the antique watch goods ask route since ancient times. No matter how you ask, the holder will never tell the truth. Unlike today’s auction house, collection should see spread orderly (high copy badly, eye degradation and industry complex) 2, find out the cargo has a problem, in the past is the mouth down down gently, you want to the stores to pronounce on child ugly Yin bases. The shop owner who knows the rules will pay the money (tuition). If you don’t know the rules, it doesn’t matter. 3. When the owner wants to sell the antiques, he must make an offer. The seller doesn’t offer a price, and the buyer never gives a price. This is to prevent the owner of goods selling antique is false, market valuation is true. In addition, the seller price is too high, buyers have the right not to bargain. If the buyer and the seller fail to make a deal due to the price difference, and the seller finds another buyer and negotiates with the first buyer, the first buyer will generally not buy.4, adept businessman and collectors of porcelain, jade, which are easily damaged, glass ware, such as jewelry, antique never led and circulated but to wait for the other items will be placed on a fixed object after viewing, taking damage liability since the Ming one thousand items. Different objects have different methods of handling. If you find that the other party’s methods of handling are improper, you will be regarded as a layman.

5. If the goods are damaged by the buyer, it will be covered by the buyer naturally, but the price will be negotiated, and the owner of the goods will make appropriate concessions, but the damaged goods will not be lower than the cost price, and the damaged goods will be owned by the buyer.6. The buyer and the seller should not have a third party present in the transaction. If they do not understand the rules, they will be advised to leave. Because the trade information is leaked easily lead to all kinds of disputes and misunderstanding. 7. Antique trading is not simply a contest in price, but more importantly a contest in knowledge and vision. No matter the buyer buys a holiday or the seller sells a leak, cannot return the goods or look for a later account. Because antique trading is based on vision and strength, the layman does not understand or dare to buy, dare to buy must understand. The buyer may buy the fake goods more expensive, and the seller may sell them less. Both buyers and sellers bear certain risks. However, those who are familiar with each other in the industry and use the mutual trust relationship to try to sell high price or goods that are not in the right way should return the loss and be expelled from the industry. 8. There is competition among antique dealers when buying antiques, but there is no competition when selling antiques. The reason is that each antique product has its own unique characteristics, and the purchase channels and prices are different, so it is much less comparable. 9. The buyer can only ask the selling price of antique, but not the buying price. The seller can only offer the selling price, and will never disclose the purchase price.10. Merchants and collectors in the industry will not ask each other for the purchase price of antiques, because these commercial information is kept secret.

11. Antique dealers sometimes cooperate to buy goods, but they must cooperate on the premise of mutual familiarity and trust. After the purchase, the sales price and profit distribution ratio shall be agreed, and one party shall be responsible for the sales. 12. The strength of antique dealers is that they can identify the true and false, and accurately evaluate the price. However, the knowledge and price information will not be disclosed easily, because these are important means for their survival. 13, when there is a commodity in the hands of buyers will see when negotiating with the seller, and other commodities have interested buyers can’t comment on, also can’t participate in bidding should keep a proper distance to wait. If the transaction is not completed, the goods can be put back to the original place before negotiation with the seller. Antique dealers and collectors do not trade with people who steal, buy, sell, bully or obey the rules of the trade. In the antique shop, it is common for anyone to beat his eyes when his eyesight fails. A true eye – beholder and shop owner is not likely to mention it unless they are close friends. As a shop owner, it is not easy to “kill” people in the industry, because this means undoubtedly suicide.

16. As a real antique shop owner, it is not easy to accept apprentices and teach them to identify antiques. 17, in the circle, get top grade, speak is predestination and rich road, the person that wants to “pick up a leak” only, often can carry “big somersault”, do not have the opportunity that turn over a body even afterwards. 18. In the collection circle, hidden but not true, even ghosts. Hidden but not refined, rotten. Hide not, and be foolish.

A true Tibetan, rising to the highest level is: life, work, study, to reflect the ultimate value of antiques.

We believe that the high-quality goods exhibition is an important foundation to promote the development of art collection, not only can attract more and more representative of the buyer, seller, can let the public know more treasure, understand the legacy of Chinese civilization, improve the public cultural connotation of antique works of art and the collection value of art itself, we are eagerly looking forward to your participation!


You have to know about rolex!

Speaking of rolex, many people like it. Rolex is the symbol of rich silver.

For example, the movie infernal affairs is full of various rolex scenes (it seems that the police and gangsters in HK are all very smart Orz)

The following paragraph, which I would like to say in my opinion, also illustrates rolex’s position:

A taichung lawyer came to court in his new S320 Mercedes and was happy to show off to his peers. But when he got out of the car and drove the door, he didn’t notice a truck passing by. He knocked down his door and sped away without turning his head back. The lawyer picked up the phone angrily and called the police.

When the officer arrived, the lawyer shouted to the officer, “I just bought a new car yesterday, and it’s all ruined by the damn truck!”

The officer looked at the lawyer in surprise and said, “don’t you think your lawyer pays so much attention to material interests and you don’t care about the rest?”

“What do you mean by that? “Asked the lawyer.

The officer said, “didn’t you notice that there was nothing under your arm and elbow? Your arm was broken!”

The lawyer looked down and uttered a mournful cry

“Over, my rolex is gone!

Rolex is strong and waterproof, depending on the classic oyster design. So-called “Oyster type”, refers to the integration of forming watchcase, rolex inventions precession type bottom cover and precession type head design, namely the Oyster, English is the meaning of “oysters, Oyster”, this kind of structure is different from the welding table ear, press it into the bottom cover and insert the head, is also a symbol of the rolex Oyster hand representation as strong and waterproof.

In addition, from the perspective of the value of market circulation, because rolex watch has a lot of material is precious metals, is often said that gold watch, so its current value is very big, this watch is equal to the cash equivalents, can be liquidated, trading directly.

Here is a story about the origin of rolex.

In 1905, in a small town in Bavaria, Germany, there was a watchmaker named field, who was coaxed by a cow. Why does he hang himself like that? Because the watch he made was waterproof and automatic, and at the time, the technology was literally out of the sky.This message is in the same city a man named Hans Wells madoff’s watchmaker knew, that bit of small businessmen thought we all know, the goods in a hurry to find a field, and saw his pure handmade watches.

“I 屮 艸 芔 茻! Do you want so hung!” Wilsdorf was shocked by field’s watch.

“Mr. Field, I’d like to hire you to be the technical director of my company. How about that?” Seeing field remain silent for a long time, wilsdorf added that he would be willing to buy his watch technology if field offered a price. Anyway, Lao zi had as much money as wang sicong, and he was not afraid.

Refused to field a way: “get rough, I’m not a little interest in the present, but to give up their pursuit of my ideal is to develop a watch to best in the world, you will not understand me, is this Tony cut!”

Wells, want to pull a field to the partnership, because too close to their concept, and, once the anfield before their developed the watch, their company will be an unprecedented threat.

How to do? The only way out for the company is to get that watch ahead of field. However, field was clearly superior in technology, and it was hard to beat him in developing the watch.

When things were going badly wrong, wilsdorf got the news that field was in the straw hat business as well as making watches.

“Help, help! Wilsdorf immediately sent his assistant to field to order straw hats.

“You asked for his watch making skills, but now you have ordered his straw hat.

“Clams!!!! If the profit from selling straw hats exceeds the value of a watch, does field bother to develop it? Don’t be silly!”

Sure enough, field was overjoyed when he received the straw hat order. “amah! I’m going to make a lot of money!” He decided to put the development of the watch aside for a while and go ahead with the straw hat. As a result, Mr. Willersdorf bought time for his watch and its early launch. He named the watch rolex for its waterproof and automatic functions.

When a rolex watch quickly occupy the market and become the world’s brand, Wells, pointing to the backyard that a straw yard told anfield: “you look at what are you doing this silly x then went to the ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!” Poor field’s guts are blue



Every rolex has a corresponding “birth certificate,” and if there’s no proof, it’s a fake watch. But the “birth certificates” of some fake watches are also so lifelike that they are hard to see. But as long as master the following points, the real rolex watch is easy to recognize.

1. The rolex Logo and crown pattern that can see the watermark are real watches.

2. The top two rows of figures on the right, the perforated row and the front row represent the sales area. “838”, for example, is a specific number sold to mainland China. The latter part is the factory number of the watch. Each watch has its own unique number. The next row of black Numbers shows the model of the watch, which can be found with the manufacturer’s number and model number printed on each watch’s birth certificate.

Rolex watch is an expensive watch produced in Switzerland. It is designed, made and always maintains a traditional style. Its performance includes fully automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dustproof, etc., the work keeps improving, especially dial, watch handle and watch band, carved crown is its high quality mark. Because the famous brand watches use advanced equipment and high quality materials in manufacturing, achieving fine processing and high finish. True rolex watch, no matter work, text is very fine, have perfect hand feeling, this is an important aspect that identifies true and false.

From the outside, the rolex watch case is fine, the band, the crown, the English word is clear, the integrity, but the imitation watch case is rough, the text is slightly vague. In particular, the surface bottom, cover teeth, very fine and clear, clean bright and three-dimensional sense, and imitation goods rough and no three-dimensional sense, generally relatively shallow. In terms of weight, the real hand feels more solid and the fake one is much lighter. Just 18 K gold rolex watch case, strap, the real general from new to old gold quality, color, counterfeits have 14 K gold or a lower K gold or 18 K gold plated, but over time, will be back to primary colors. The rolex of full sky star, the diamond that inserts on the watch is true, and the diamond of imitative article is false.

On the market also has appeared true watch case, watch band, inside the holiday movement rolex watch, so it is best to use the special tool to open the watch. Real ROLEX core, a pry to remove the automatic rudder, the machine core splint engraved with ROLEX, also engraved with the core number :1570, 213

5, 3135, 3035 Wait, the fake ones don’t. The real core machine parts are fine, the lines are clear, the fake core is rough and dark.

In addition, the watch strap is removed. The model batch number of the watch factory is in the middle of the side ear of the watch case, and there is a watch number in the middle of the lower side ear. Rolex watches have a guarantee of quality, the top right corner there are more than two lines of the Arab word number pinhole deficit, neat and clear, and false only a row of pinhole deficit, is not unified, not too neat, but not to tell, because the market is also false bond

Rolex watch is an expensive watch produced in Switzerland. It is designed, made and always maintains a traditional style. Its performance includes fully automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dustproof, etc., the work keeps improving, especially dial, watch handle and watch band, carved crown is its high quality mark. Because the famous brand watches use advanced equipment and high quality materials in manufacturing, achieving fine processing and high finish. True rolex watch, no matter work, text is very fine, have perfect hand feeling, this is an important aspect that identifies true and false.

From the outside, the rolex watch case is fine, the band, the crown, the English word is clear, the integrity, but the imitation watch case is rough, the text is slightly vague. In particular, the surface bottom, cover teeth, very fine and clear, clean bright and three-dimensional sense, and imitation goods rough and no three-dimensional sense, generally relatively shallow. In terms of weight, the real hand feels more solid and the fake one is much lighter. Just 18 K gold rolex watch case, strap, the real general from new to old gold quality, color, counterfeits have 14 K gold or a lower K gold or 18 K gold plated, but over time, will be back to primary colors. The rolex of full sky star, the diamond that inserts on the watch is true, and the diamond of imitative article is false.

On the market also has appeared true watch case, watch band, inside the holiday movement rolex watch, so it is best to use the special tool to open the watch. Real ROLEX machine core, a pry to remove the automatic rudder, the machine core splint engraved with ROLEX, also engraved with the core number :1570, 2135, 3135, 3035 Wait, the fake ones don’t. The real core machine parts are fine, the lines are clear, the fake core is rough and dark.

In addition, the watch strap is removed. The model batch number of the watch factory is in the middle of the side ear of the watch case, and there is a watch number in the middle of the lower side ear. Rolex watches have a guarantee of quality, the top right corner there are more than two lines of the Arab word number pinhole deficit, neat and clear, and false only a row of pinhole deficit, is not unified, not too neat, but not to tell, because the market is also false bond.

The only reliable way to verify Rolex’s authenticity is to send your watch to Rolex’s service center for identification and official identification. Alternatively, you can send the watch to an authorized Rolex dealer for a thorough inspection. If they open the cover to check the core, experienced watchmakers can often tell at a glance whether the Rolex core is genuine (no other core has the same structural path). On the surface alone, some delicate fake watches can sometimes fool people, but most of the fake watches bought from the stalls can’t fool people. If you want to buy Rolex and don’t want to run the risk of buying a fake watch, it’s best to buy a new watch from an authorized dealer.

The laser holographic logo, a circular anti-counterfeiting logo posted on the back of the watch, is used to show that the Rolex is a brand new Rolex. It was crisscrossed with the word Rolex, and there were small dots between the two words. It is a laser hologram, so it can display a three-dimensional image under the light of a point source. The shape of the watch is printed on the center of the circle and is covered with transparent plastic sheets with red lines. The red line is easy to wear when wearing a watch. It is used to protect the laser holographic mark. It can be estimated that the watch has been worn several times. Before Rolex used a laser holographic logo, it used a model of green round paper.


Just entering the antiques circle, I paid 28,000 yuan

Shenyang native Chen mou knows a “antique appraisal master” inside antique WeChat group, this master claims to study antique for more than 30 years, experience is rich. When Chen entered the circle, he was in the learning stage. When he met some questions about antiques, he asked master shi for advice. Master shi must answer every question, both professional and master style.

In march, a middle-aged woman came to Chen’s store and pulled out two old COINS and asked him if he was interested. One of the two COINS was in the shape of a key that Chen had never seen before. The woman whispered that the two COINS were not ordinary COINS. They were very rare and valuable.

After the introduction of the woman, Chen immediately thought of consulting master shi, but hindering the presence of the middle-aged woman, he asked her to come back in the afternoon on the pretext of consideration.

After the woman left, Chen immediately sent pictures of the COINS to the stone master with WeChat. After seeing photos, masters of stone is very excited: “first is the han dynasty follwed the COINS of The Times, the second is the coin of bei song period, if really can buy it from the other hand, it was picked up a big cheap, the value of the coin close to ten thousand yuan.” Got the instruction of stone master, when the middle-aged woman came to the door again in the afternoon, Chen spent 28000 yuan to buy two COINS.

Back at home, Chen loved the old COINS he bought, but the more he looked at them, the more wrong they became. On April 17, he felt cheated and called the police. The two ancient COINS were certified to be counterfeit. Through careful investigation, the police arrested the middle-aged woman wang mou. According to wang’s confession, the “master” Chen met on the Internet was his cousin shi, and the two partners cheated Chen. On the same day, the police arrested the suspect shi mou (male, 53 years old) according to the clues they had.

Shi said he bought the two COINS at a price of 150 yuan. Was used to collect, but listen to his cousin with money, in a hurry, then thought of to sell COINS, XXL just have an interest in antiques, and are in the habit of collecting stone gave his cousin door-to-door sale, he wait outside. The money he sold, shi left 20,000 yuan and gave his cousin 8,000 yuan. “I don’t know how much it’s worth. I feel like it’s worth it. As for why he did not come to the door himself, shi said that he knew Chen very well and was afraid of Chen’s bargaining.

At present, wang mou, shi mou has been detained by the police on suspicion of committing fraud, the case is being dealt with further. According to shenyang evening news